Research and Development


Our Research and Development (R&D) efforts commenced over 12 years ago after our distribution agreement with Andover Controls/Schneider electric was terminated as a result of the Schneider acquisition. Having distributing Andover Controls for over Eighteen (18) years and receiving a one  line cancellation letter of our distributorship, we needed to determine how we would continue to supply and support the existing customer base that we had worked hard to establish over those Eighteen years.  We looked at representing other Original Equipment Manufacturer’s which were all based over seas and largely already fixed in the way their products re sold and distributed worldwide.  We thus made a decision to establish  our Research and Development divison so that we could have our own  focus on the technology areas identified as addressing our key business challenges. The aim was  to secure future returns and strengthen our technology positions to give us a competitive advantage and a stable product solution to all of our customers.

Since the establishment of our Research and Development (R&D) division we have been proud to achieve the commercialisation of the first Australian Made and Designed Building Automation Product, namely Open General that achieved BTL (Bacnet Testing Laboratories) Certification. The first Australian Company to receive this international certification in the Australian Building Automation market – no other Australian manufacturer has to this date received such certification.

In 2013 the ECS group acquired a USA based wireless sensor company namely Spinwave Systems Inc.

Spinwave Wireless Systems Inc designs, manufactures and markets wireless networks and a full complement of wireless sensors and products geared to improving the operating efficiency of buildings and data centres. Spinwave’s products enable building owners to manage facilities more efficiently by allowing them to reduce energy consumption, improve occupant comfort and optimize productivity by providing data, cost effectively and in real time.

Spinwave Systems wireless networks are a logical and compelling alternative to conventional hard-wired systems because they are easy to deploy, flexible, scalable, less expensive to install, and enable energy retrofits not feasible using traditional methods .

The ECS continues its long term and extensive strategic investments in technology to enhance our competitiveness in Building Automation and Facility Services market segment.  The focus is on developing state of the art leading edge technology,  longer service life, reduced environmental footprint within minimal deployment cost.