Open General Building Automation System


Engineering automation building designing. Construction industry technology

After having distributed the Andover Controls Building Management Systems for more than 18 years, when Schneider Electric acquired Andover Controls they decided to cancel our distribution agreement so that they can take over our long term loyal and established customer bases. We looked at distributing other Building Automation System manufacturer products across the world only to find that not one Open Protocol Building Automation System product line was designed or manufactured here in Australia and all Open Protocol product lines were owned/controlled by international companies that either had their own self interestbranches set up in Australia or had very rigid distribution agreements that did now give us and our customers enough flexibility for freedom of Open Protocol product choice.

Open General develops and manufactures innovative Building Automation Direct Digital (DDC) hardware and software products that intelligently control, monitor, and manage mechanical devices in a facility to promote energy conservation, increase customer comfort and improve equipment efficiency