Building Automation & Controls


With our expertise in various systems and brands of equipment for over 29 years, ECS is uniquely qualified to help you manage, maintain and service your existing control systems. You can rely on ECS for advice on system upgrades or replacements, as well as new system installation.

In sophisticated modern facilities, the building’s control system is vital. Our controls experts manage, service and design systems that fit the needs of any customer.

Our overall knowledge of buildings andHVAC systems enhances our building automation expertise.

Systems we routinely service include:

Johnson Controls








Reliable Controls


Your HVAC system(s) should be meeting your ever-changing demands while maximizing your energy performance and comfort. ECS HVAC systems are designed to provide your buildings, with precise temperature, CO2, air pressure and humidity control. Let your HVAC system work more efficiently for you, by using OPENXpress as the central operating system you can integrate other building systems like lighting and access, and you can control all your buildings from place or even remotely on your phone or tablet.

Every site has different HVAC challenges. Our experience ranges from pressure control in clean room laboratories, hospital isolation rooms to precise humidity control in art galleries.  Our HVAC systems are design to protect your assets, and occupants, from unwanted atmospheric/environmental factors.

We design every ECS system with simple maintenance and longevity in mind.  You can always build on an ECS system, making it easy to upgrade and integrate with other BACnet systems, enabling multiple vendors’ equipment to be consolidated into a single HVAC control system.

Our HVAC system is scalable; go from a small site to a collection of sites linked together through the Internet/intranet and that is almost completely programmable. Your building can evolve as your objectives develop. We deliver easy to use products that use the most current technology: such as wireless temperature sensor, Ethernet/IP based controllers, and Web based BACnet software. 


No matter where you are in the world your building requires heating, ventilation or air conditioning (HVAC) to provide a comfortable productive environment for your occupants.  However HVAC isn’t cheap, it accounts for approximately half of typical buildings total energy consumption. So making sure your system is running as efficiently as possible is critical to your buildings operational costs. HVAC controllers form the brain and nerves of a HVAC system, monitoring interior conditions and responding to load changes in a coordinated fashion providing comfort and energy efficiency.

Open General’s complete range of HVAC controllers provides a top to bottom solution covering all HVAC applications from large central plants down to zone terminal units and sensors.  Our communicating controllers share information making sure your building automation systems work together maximizing both comfort and energy efficiency.

While Open General Controllers are the right tool for the job, how that tool gets applied is even more important.  Open General’s network of integrators are building control experts that can help you to design, install and maintain your control system at peak efficiency.


We’ve installed BACnet products from the beginning because we believe it is the most robust and established of the all options. But BACnet isn’t the only protocol we can work with. We routinely integrate EnOcean for lighting systems, and Zigbee for wireless products – or use gateways to integrate with other  BAS protocols like Mbus, or Lonworks.

As integration experts, we can make different systems work together. We make expansion plans and retrofits much simpler, by giving our customers the freedom to choose the right system for their building.

ESC technicians have extensive experience with different manufacturers’ products, which means we are able to service and maintain almost every type of BMS instillation out there.