Welcome to the ECS Group

For more than twenty nine years the ECS group has worked to established itself as the premier Building Automation/Controls, Mechanical Services, Energy Management Company.  We are a service-based company focused on the long-term performance and efficiency of your building.  We take pride in serving our customers from project conception to completion. Whether we’re installing HVAC controls, lighting controls, secured access or CCTV systems, you’ll find our service fast, complete, and backed by years of experience.  This dedication to service is why we retain our customers for decades.

We are proud to be the parent company for product brands Open General and Spinwave Wireless Systems. Open General is now a leading independent BACnet manufacturer of DDC building automation products and software. Through Open General’s adoption of the BACnet protocol, we can integrate your entire facility’s HVAC, lighting and access controls, and closed circuit television (CCTV) into one single Building Management System. Your entire building can be monitored and controlled through a single user friendly, web-based interface. This gives you full control of your facility from any work-station in your office or from any remote location in real time.  There are benefits to having a direct relationship with the product manufacturer. If projects produce special requirements and something needs to be tweaked or modified the Open General R&D team is readily available next door to create the product needed to solve the problem.