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I’d be interested to see how their Instinct Sporting holds up to 10,000 rounds. I'm recoil sensitive. not in the buttstock. The Affinity isn't a ton different than a Benelli M2, just made with cheaper parts. Stoeger has slowly become some of the most popular hunting shotguns on the market and for good The Benelli Legacy is nice, but only holds 3 rounds (not a deal-breaker. Even though it is now eight years after the burst of new autoloading shotguns (A400, Maxus, Vinci), Browning has gone to sleep, Beretta has stuck with the A400 and filled out the line and the Benelli Vinci was not nearly as successful as hoped for. Jun 24, 2015 · Benelli Shotguns are a perfect fit where one is up to some serious hunting. This clays gun underwent a massive overhaul after feedback from Beretta's pro shooters (I ran into one of them, The 7mm Showdown: 7x57 vs. What are you going to use this shotgun for, the Franchi company is owned by Benelli if you interested in that info. Sep 22, 2010 · Beretta is owned and is run by Ugo Gussalli Beretta and his sons. killed (and missed!) just as many dove as the SBE2 in the field Saturday. My Super black eagle (3 1/2) would handle lighter loads than my Montefeltro (3 inch). Benelli's have an inertial recoil operating system. Any Franchi shotgun made after 1998 will have a BENELLI MOBIL Style choke system. Beretta, benelli, and franchi are all made by the same company but they perform differently. The Franchi Affinity action differs from the Benelli recoil (inertia) action in one basic aspect: the mainspring is located under the forearm, as opposed to inside the buttstock. Choice will make itself known. Heck, if you only want a 3in gun, you can find those benelli montefeltro hunters for 699. Interchanges with Carlson's Beretta/Benelli Mobil style threads (612, 712, I-12, Instinct, Renaissance, Fenice, Intensity, Affinity) click to see chokes for these shotguns Franchi (Made Prior to 1999) Shotguns Stoeger is owned by Benelli, and Franchi is exclusively imported into the USA by Beretta, who also owns Benelli. It is built more to be a hunter while capable of target activities and is durable for 3 gun. The SLX is its newest over/under, and will rank at the highest end of the Franchi price spectrum. " Deborah McKown, Editor, Shotgun Life Gun of choice: Browning Ultra XS Skeet 20 gauge "I'm not a big fan of semi-automatics, but this Benelli Supersport put me on the path to becoming a convert. Throw em up to your shoulder and see which one feels the best. I used to shoot a Beretta A303, but this is the type of gun you can shoot all day and never feel it. I was looking for a lower priced semi for a beater when i bought it, have been pretty impressed, only real complaint is the heavy trigger pull. This is attached by means of a short to a beach-block. Remington Semi Auto [ Re: C_Hell ] #7952614 08/04/13 Beretta's get internally grimmy, they are a gas operated recoil gun. My understanding is that in the broadest terms they are similar in that they are all based on the Benelli inertia action. , all under the Beretta Corporate logo. Remington Semi Auto [ Re: C_Hell ] #7952614 08/04/13 Head on over to a duck hunting forum and the SBE2 is near the top of the heap and most don’t know who Tom Knapp is. Fast forward 10 yrs. Re: Benelli vs Beretta I am taller and found the beretta fits better than the benelli. . Had an SBII - felt good, but didn't always function properly. I have an Affinity. FRANCHI AFFINITY. And Franchi has an update of their Instinct line. with a Beretta gasser did the trick. Please double check your shotgun before ordering this style of choke to make sure it is the appropriate choke tube. If you want a 12 gauge, you'll have to buy used. Our choke tubes are precision made with tight tolerances on state of the art CNC equipment. Stoeger has slowly become some of the most popular hunting shotguns on the market and for good I have a really lightly used Franchi al48 deluxe model in 28 gauge 26 inch barrel choke tubes and the box. Whether that’s worth more to you is your decision. Turkey Super Full – This extended choke is an ideal turkey choke, placing 80% of its pattern inside a 30-inch circle at 40 yards. . Sep 07, 2005 · I used to have an article listing them, which I can't find now, but the list of Beretta owned companies was, Benelli, Franchi, Stoeger, and Uberti. That is not  14 Dec 2012 Beretta Holdings owns Franchi—as well as all the brands under the Benelli USA umbrella—but it's the guys at Benelli USA who import and  25 Sep 2018 Franchi Affinity 3. 12 gauge and 20 gauge. In this waterfowl video he compares the two intry level semi automatic shotguns and gives his opinion on which one is the better purchase. 2 buddies of mine have the Franchi and the Stoeger, both equally great guns IMO. The Franchi and the Stoeger use the Benelli patent, which centers around the bolt and the intertia operating principle. Beretta. Sep 10, 2014 · Franchi is part of the Beretta/Benelli group and although I haven’t shot them, they feel well made and have gotten good marks over the years for reliability. The Benelli adj. Mar 06, 2015 · Dear Technoid, Opinions are like everything else. The gas system is very easy on the shoulder and you will have one of the finest guns out there. Franchi shotguns are made in Brescia, Italy, down the street from the Beretta factory. Benelli is a recoil operated system, shoot it forever and just worry about inside the barrel. Lifetime Warranty. Ummm. Remington Semi Auto [ Re: C_Hell ] #7952614 08/04/13 Re: Benelli vs Beretta I haven't had a problem, it just doesn't like Hypersonics. Preference for one over the other nothing more. Now don't get me wrong, Im not saying Franchi's are bad guns, for their sometimes $600 price, you can't beat them for a duck gun that gets thrown around in the boat, but for $100 - no questions, buy the Benelli. The Franchi is a very good gun and if the Benelli’s price is an issue, the Franchi fits the bill. While the extremaII has the coating on it to prevent rust which is nice for waterfowling. The Vinci and the 3-1/2 inch Maxus models are almost identically priced. The Benelli Montefeltro is under $1000 online and will literally shoot a lifetime - this is the absolutely best semi-auto shotgun for the dollar in my opinion. 00 $. I duck hunt and would like to get more into Sporting Clays, and wish to have one gun for all. Franchi has made a solid product for me. fit was better than the Remi and very seldom required any TLC (recoil oper. Jan 06, 2019 · Benelli Bellmonte I vs FRANCHI Inertia Affinity (стоковое) Vs Beretta Belmonte Обучение #деревянного на стенде Дубрава! Franchi Affinity opis Benelli owns: Franchi, Stoeger, Uberti. Trulock’s has a quality control program that is second to none. The tolerances are the same. Inertia. Trulock offers as stock items the largest range of choke designs to fit shotguns of almost all brands. Jan 28, 2015 · I have both for my Benelli, Baretta, & Franchi. I'm in the market for a Semi-Automatic Shotgun primarily for Trap/Skeet and then use for hunting. Mine has a rusty spring and tube due to a prior owners neglect, and I fear the day I need to get a rusty steel tube unscrewed from an aluminum receiver to replace - works well so far, so letting sleeping dogs lie. He will have to spend at least $100 to have a good pad installed professionally on the Browning. The Benelli is just a little more refined and finished. The Franchi Affinity is essentially the Stoeger version of the inertia action, with the mainspring under the forearm, around the magazine tube . If I switch the selector to fire the Top barrel first then it the bottom fires OK. Benellis are great guns but quirky in my opinion. And if you are going to get an inertia operated gun I would get a Benelli. I love my Beretta 1201, which is a Benelli M1 action that was sold for half as much! pdb, Jun 27, 2009 #9. ) The Franchi Fenice is beautiful. Now a part of the Benelli company − itself operating under the Beretta Holding umbrella − the Franchi brand continues to offer top-notch hunting guns on the international market. Beretta discontinued the Franchi AL48 in 12 gauge in 1998 when it purchased the Luigi Franchi Co. Look for a good deal on a used Beretta or save up a little more. This is a discussion on Benelli SBE2 vs Franchi IntensityI Can't Believe I'm Saying This within the Guns forums, part of the Gun Forum category; I love Benelli shotguns. Not saying the Benelli isn’t good, but both of our guns took a dive in the salt water. The Benelli and Franchi are excellent guns but will pound you good on the clay range. The Franchi is a gas gun, the Benelli SBE is an inertia gun. Its a fancied-up AL48 in 28 gauge. Sep 05, 2013 · Benelli also makes a 3-1/2″ gun (Super Black Eagle), which Beretta doesn’t in the 391. Both performed flawlessly. But they made them so well that Beretta told them you work for us now, Relabled under the Stoeger name they have won a solid niche with die-hard waterfowlers looking for a cheap Benelli. Could you comment on both guns and their differences. 5 inch. Please let me hear your thoughts on the gas vs inertia actions too. Loading Unsubscribe from TGS Outdoors? Semi-Automatic VS Over & Under Shotgun - The Gun Shop - Duration: 8:23. This Ethos is chambered for 3' shells. It’s literally “good” at taking down anything with feathers. Especially those looking for a gun to hunt down a pig, where the shot needs to be precise and powerful from a good distance, then the Benelli M2 shotgun would be apt. LOWEST PRICE TO HIGHEST PRICE. Franchi, Benelli and Stoeger are all subsidiaries of Beretta. Depends. Besides marketing a line of tactical and hunting  21 Jan 2020 Benelli's first ever over/under is now available in 20-gauge. Retay Arms Masai Mara For those that sigh and mention that “there isn't much new” in autoloading shotguns, they are pretty much right. Benelli M2. So pick the gun that shoulders best. That being said, these guns are so similar, it’s a real I have shot a SBE II in the past, really liked the gun. Franchi Affinity vs Benelli M2 for 3-Gun - Detailed Parts Dec 02, 2013 · Understanding the difference in Gas Operated and Recoil or Inertia Operated Semi-automatic shotguns Benelli SBE2 vs Franchi IntensityI Can't Believe I'm Saying This. Sep 05, 2013 · Today, the Benelli (wholly owned by Beretta) is the archetypical “recoil operated” shotgun, while the Beretta is probably the best gas gun on the market. Gas vs. I recommend shooting at least two boxes through of 3" magnums first in order to "break in" the operating system, otherwise, it may not cycle 2 3/4" light loads at first. opnion Benelli vs Beretta shotguns. Because there is no gas piston under the fore-end, it can be made slimmer. In either case both are fine guns. In my opinion both guns are junk and I will not buy another Benelli, Franchi or Beretta product. 650 constriction is extremely tight and is only to be used with Hevi-Shot® and plated lead shot. Franchi is definitely one of the best known, most highly regarded names of the Italian arms industry; offering hunting, sporting and professional (MIL/LE) firearms for decades, it went on the verge of bankruptcy in the early 1990s, and was acquired by the Beretta Holding in 1995. Extremely well-built at an attractive price, the 12 gauge only MC 312 is one of the latest inertia autoloaders. Their new Beretta Xtrema is a 3-1/2″, but it’s an entirely different action than the 391 and I’ve not reviewed one yet. Nov 27, 2014 · I'm about set on buying a Beretta A300 Outlander for $610 or a Franchi Afinity for $700 but there is a Franchi Intesity slightly used for $720. Jan 01, 2018 · Beretta Mobilchoke System The Franchi Affinity can handle nearly all types of loads from 1 1/8 oz. Browning, Benelli, Franchi, Lamber, Beretta, Perazzi Sep 14, 2015 · The inertia system was really pioneered by Benelli, which itself is now part of Beretta. A P3K (Patrick Kelley Signature) is all gussied up and ready from MOA Precision. 5 inch while the Benelli montefeltro 20 gauge has a length of 45. Our testing procedure began with patterning 28- Gauge Semi-Automatics: Legacy Sport Versus Beretta · Accessories  Anything not so great about Affinity VS A300 aside from I'm more likely to find people who know the inner workings of an A300, and parts  Results 1 - 16 of 149 Buy Franchi 612 & 912 Parts Factory replacement gun parts, Beretta, Benelli Franchi, Stoeger, Remington, Bushmaster, Marlin, Sig Sauer . Re: Benelli vs Beretta If you want a new gun, and you don't mind it beating the hell out of you with 3. The $1700+ Beretta and Benelli options are nice, but have nothing over the functionality and reliability of the Montefelftro other than 3. However, since Beretta now owns Benelli as well as Franchi and Stoeger, there are actually more than a handful of inertia operated shotguns available, and these come in at a variety of price ranges as well. Franchi Sporting SL O/U: Some if not all of these come with . It is priced right and functions beautifully. If you just want to add a tube and shoot it, the M3k and 1301 are the closest to ready. Inertia: Which Shotgun is Best for You? John Taylor - July 08, 2015. 5"chambering. Re: Franchi vs. My Franchi kicks about 30% less than the inertia gun. But, as far as the tolerances are concerned, most of the parts are made by the same casting and stamping company for Benelli. Franchi claims the gun needs 300-400 round of heavy loads to break it in. beretta 28 ga auto vs benelli Jan 04, 2018 · Franchi Instinct Sporting Shotgun. Eight Years Later, An Improbable Comparison: Beretta A400 vs. Jun 11, 2005 · The Stoeger 2000 is made in Turkey by Vursan which is of course a Beretta holding. The gun is a Franchi Raptor -v- Beretta 391 Firearms reviews ive a beretta al391 synth and its the mutts nuts brand new £675 from the es gunsho Franchi Press Releases Designed by serious clay shooters for serious clay shooters, the Franchi Raptor is a brand new, quick handling, thoroughbred sporting clays gun. In fact, Stoeger is under the Beretta Holding Group along with big names like Benelli and Franchi. That was a good shooting gun also be it gas operated. Apr 26, 2019 · Franchi, Benelli, Beretta, Uberti, etc. inertia shotguns featured However, since Beretta now owns Benelli as well as Franchi and Stoeger, there are actually more than a  4 Jun 2012 Franchi's Affinity is a reboot of the Franchi line of inertia semiautos that bear an eerie resemblance to Benelli inertia semiautos. franchi vs. Ours still isn't broke in. Functionally, cosmetically, and warrantyally they are superior shotguns. As both of these manufacturers are members of the Beretta Holding Company, there is sure to be plenty of overlap in components, style, and engineering. After hunting coast with a good friend who had an equally expensive Benelli, I was glad I chose Beretta. Mar 12, 2016 · This is a breakdown of every 3-gun relevant part in the Franchi Affinity compared to the more popular (and more expensive) Benelli M2. I think it has to do with the longer length of the tubes from Benelli factory on the Crio ones. Re: Benelli vs Beretta I clean my M2 once a year tops, never had it completely apart, cycles everytime, slows down when wet and less than 15 degrees, but still cycles. I think it looks better too, but that's just me. Patreon Only real differences I see are, no comfortech stock, no crio barrel, the recoil spring is under the forearm with the Franchi. Only know one guy with one, but he does love it. Franchi ( Current production-square thread), Interchanges with Beretta/Benelli style threads. Now you can only get the 48 in 20 or 28 gauge new. Jun 21, 2013 · The Beretta 391 is gas operated, while the Franchi I-12 and Stoeger 2000 both use Benelli’s Inertia Driven system. Now I can--less recoil with the beretta 391 because it is gas operated. Most folks on the board will say that you should buy which one fits you best. The M2 has a length of 42. Benelli or Beretta. Fabarm L4S vs. Franchi and Benelli are both top of the line shotguns. Beretta owns Benelli and Franchi and from what I have seen you get everything but the Benelli name for a lot less money. S. Allegedly, Beretta is the flagship brand of all the Beretta Corporation brands (Benelli, Beretta, Franchi, Stoeger), but that flag is sagging, if not sinking. I sent it down the road. I have a SA-459, same thing as the SA-08 just a shorter barrel, it's a great gun. The only cause for lament is the goofy notched recoil pad that makes aftermarket additions problematic. In my opinion Benelli is the better suited field gun (synthetics and such) while Beretta is the pretty boy (baby blue receivers and wood). The Stoeger and Franchi is inertia and the Weatherby is gas. I  Stoeger is a wholly owned subsidiary of Benelli, which in turn is owned by Italian firearms manufacturer Beretta. They are the equivalent of buying a Taurus PT92 when you really want a real Beretta 92. The parent company; Beretta Holding, also owns Beretta USA, Benelli since 1983, Franchi, SAKO, Stoeger, Tikka, Uberti, the Burris Optics company and a twenty per cent interest of the Browning arms company. Benelli SBE2 vs Franchi IntensityI Can't Believe I'm Saying This. The main thing being durable. Inertia systems are very nice and need less cleaning and the guns are usually lighter and thinner. Franchi 20 gauge: interchanges with Trulock’s Benelli style Franchi 28 gauge: interchanges with Trulock’s Beretta 28 gauge. Choke Tubes for Franchi. Jun 10, 2015 · Inertia operation in modern shotguns used to be unique to the Benelli line of guns. The shop people suggest that the Benelli is more reliable. Fits in your budget nicely. The Franchi O/U turned out to be a single shot if the bottom barrel is fired first, it does not switch to the top barrel after the first shot out of the bottom. target shells to the heaviest 3” magnums without any adjustments. The gun is heaver (actual), and the gas system(perceived), all both combine to make a very soft gun. Benelli 6 Beretta 6 Breda 2 Browning 1 Franchi 3 Hatsan 1. Gun that is of the same quality or better than Benelli, Breda, which is just now coming into the U. Street price on a 3 inch Beretta A400 Action Bronze Walnut 12 Ga 28 Inch is $1400. Having owned many berettas, benellis, and also currently an Affinity 20gathe affinity's are a lowered tiered shotgun in my opinion. If you can, shoot them. IMO, while I know BigJim is a Benelli person, the Beretta's gas system makes them better for recoil reduction - both actual and perceived. 66mm) bores. 5 was 880 out the door and has oversized everything, a mild loading port beveling and opening, chrome lined barrel and super reliable even using low dram 2 3/4 extra lite loads. "If there is anything with more thrill in it than seeing a flock of Canada geese with set wings coming straight at you I wouldn't know what it is. Also made in Italy and not Turkey. My buddy bought one and he has the same issue, since he uses his for ducks and turkey, he's okbut he couldn't go shoot a round of skeet with it if he wanted due to it only liking heavy target loads or better. but, I would be interested in your experience with the Beretta 390/391 vs the Benelli S90. Remington vs. Aug 02, 2018 · Although the Stoeger is marketed for significantly less than these other shotguns, it still features some of the same high-end qualities and components. Remington V3 vs. That's the big difference. It was a competitor to the Benelli inertia action at half the price. Something to consider - most? of the Franchi's since Benelli owns them have the recoil springs up front over the mag tube vs in the stock on the Monte's, and are priced similarly. market. Firearm Discussion and Resources from AR-15, AK-47, Handguns and more! Buy, Sell, and Trade your Firearms and Gear. Of all the semi-auto shotguns I have a Jun 24, 2015 · The Benelli M2 is a semi-automatic shotgun while the Montefeltro is a bolt/single shotgun. If the I-12 is as light and smooth as the Benelli then it may well be worth the investment resale value aside otherwise go with the Benelli. The lowest-price configuration available for any of these three shotguns would be the three-inch chambered version of the Maxus Stalker at $1199 MSRP. Has the original factory shims, and all parts, as well as open warranty and all paperwork. Jan 06, 2019 · Benelli Bellmonte I vs FRANCHI Inertia Affinity (стоковое) Vs Beretta Belmonte Обучение #деревянного на стенде Дубрава! Franchi Affinity opis What are you going to use this shotgun for, the Franchi company is owned by Benelli if you interested in that info. Lots of people are raving about the Franchi Affinity which is the same basic gun in 3". It cycles quickly over a short distance. I also shot the franchi 712 raptor, now called sporting. Franchi SPAS12 -vs- Benelli M4. Uses an odd bore Beretta/Benelli style choke. NOTE: These Franchi style choke tubes would only be in Franchi Shotguns made prior to 1998. My Affinity has worked flawlessly for me, and I like it a lot, but the things I'd point out are the cheap finishes. 732 (18. The Franchi 48 AL is much closer to the A-5 in that the barrel moves rearward on recoil. Benelli SBE2 Discussion in 'Waterfowl Hunting' started by cbowjones, Jan 8, 2011. I can't tell one difference in quality vs one or the other. Beretta Holdings owns Franchi—as well as all the brands under the Benelli USA umbrella—but it’s the guys at Benelli USA who import and therefore influence what Franchi sells here. If those differences are worth $700 extra dollars, by all means get the SBE2. i too have m3500, great gun for the price. I also own a Benelli SBE2. While both companies are owned by Beretta, as I suspect you know, these two guns are completely diffent from the Beretta autoloaders. I don't have either but I do have an Affinity and an M1 Benelli. Franchi Beretta holdings also owns Benelli. benelli by bassinator » Tue Dec 14, 2004 3:35 pm whats the difference, will I be in trouble a year down the road if I buy a Franchi model 612 0r 620 or a Stoeger model 2000. I'm sure you know, the Franchi autos are made by Benelli (and Benelli is owned by Beretta). Remington Semi Auto [ Re: C_Hell ] #7952614 08/04/13 The price difference between the 2 would make me look twice at the Franchi, 650-700 for the Franchi compared to 1,000 or more for the M2. As only part of the bolt is moving during the initial cycle, stoeger vs. Between the Franchi and the Remington I would buy a Franchi I guess. The Classic Long Range is likely the most versatile tube in the world. Like I didn't buy a different model Benelli, similar but not the same as the M2. escopetas de ocasión a los mejores precios. This model is a gas operated autoloader, 20" barrel, comes with a mag extension that I think makes it 6 + 1. The M3000 is a Benelli made to a price point. The argument about which gun to buy is very similar to which vehicle to buy. When all else fails, invent a choke tube thread seems to be part of the path, along with techno-polymer everything. Benelli, Stoeger & Franchi 'own' nothing, they are owned by the Beretta family members who formed Beretta Holding Co. Some models are offered as 2 ¾” only like the Franchi AL48. Benelli has a new shotgun that will appeal to fans of the 28 gauge. Apr 16, 2016 · I have the M2 and love the gun, if I was spending the money for a brand new Franchi I'd buy a used M2. Beretta Arms Co isn't necessarily the higher up co. We field stripped and allowed to air dry as we sat in the blind. BENELLI / FRANCHI. And Beretta owns them all. 5" shells the Stoeger 3500's are pretty good guns from what I have read about them too. interchanges with Trulock’s Beretta/Benelli style. Pre-Affinity, it was the Franchi I-12, the examples that I'm familiar with were extremely crude, had bolt handles that didn't like to stay in place, and extractor problems as well. I’ve heard a lot of folks getting torn between the Franchi Affinity and the Benelli M2, and it’s easy to see why. Only a few are 3 ½” models like the Benelli SBE/SBE II, Beretta Xtrema/Xtrema 2, and the Franchi 912. Vinci (Benelli): Excellent. Between the Benelli and the Franchi (I am a Benelli dealer) Benelli is the better brand to go with from your discription. Benelli 12 gauge Raffaello Accademia £2895. 10 Jun 2015 gas vs. My ultralight and 20 M2 have never had a malfunction both with minimal cleaning. I don't need the 3 1/2 capability but if it's worth it I'd do it. I shoot a franchi, and would strongly recommend it for duck hunting, but not so much for dove as it doesn't shoot light loads well. Every choke we make is backed by a lifetime warranty and is made in the USA! Jun 05, 2012 · For heavy-duty clays use, the Beretta is the only choice of the three you mention. It's that wild drive inside of a waterfowler that allows us to feel no fear and smile in the face of pain. But with the MAJOR difference in price tags, the win went to Stoeger because I didn't break the bank when I purchased one. Beretta 686 Silver Pigeon 1, 12ga, 28" with 5 factory chokes, factory hard case. Although allegedly “Beretta” is the flagship brand of all the Beretta brands (Benelli-Beretta-Franchi-Stoeger) that flag is sagging, if not sinking. Choose from a full selection of choke tubes for Franchi Shotguns. Which means, when the gun is brand new, the operating system may be stiff. sbe2 is a Re: Browning vs Benelli I have at least 1 of each major brand and they have good and bad points as stated, but if I had to pick my favorite and the one with the least "lemons" Remington Stoeger M3000 (P3K, M3K), Benelli M2, Beretta 1301Comp, Browning A5 are the 4 decent shotguns used in 3Gun besides the VersaMax. I will be switching over to a Breda in the very near future! 12ga Benelli/Beretta Mobile Classic Long Range Silver. and stoeger is made with low grade metals in Turkey with guns turned out for cheap on machines, Aug 02, 2018 · Although the Stoeger is marketed for significantly less than these other shotguns, it still features some of the same high-end qualities and components. I’m going to get Beretta to send me one as it has a very different feel from the 391. Sep 08, 2016 · Dear Mr. Gas has less recoil. Franchi 12 gauge 612 VS £475. Franchi was designed to be a lightweight field and sporting gun Benelli Beretta are old, founded, excellent hand made italians guns using the finest metal quailty and computer design (benelli) franchi is italian and doesn't have as long a history. Hinta Franchi Affinity Gen III MAX5 Camo 12/76 28" Ale-11%. Shoulder a Franchi shotgun for reliable performance afield and at the range. I think they own one of the optics companies that make scopes too. Also like the Beretta A400 and the kick off system they have. A big bolt handle, oversize bolt release, soft comb and Beretta's Kick Off-Plus — dual Gas vs. To be honest, I think the Crio tubes from Benelli factory work just as good as the extended ones do, but on my Beretta & Franchi the Carlson extended tubes work better for patterning. Obviously the biggest difference is the Affinity uses an inertia system (with a similar action to Benelli) and A300 uses a gas system. and while I did'nt have a problem with the Benelli, I started shooting more sporting clays and 100+ rds. It’s a great tube in the Arkansas Timber with smaller pellets, big geese that land-short will pay, and a big gobbler at distance will feel you. Five years ago, I was unable to distinguish between the recoil from a benelli and a beretta. The triggers of both guns released at 4-1/2 pounds, better than average for an out of the box autoloader. Browning Maxus vs. " I went through the same process back in Nov. Beretta 12 gauge 687 EELL Deluxe Field £8995. I have shot a stoeger and a benelli at the range and made a side by side comparison. My affinity 3. I have already had to contact Franchi concerning issues with my affinity. At age 69 I would not have one . Now a part of the Benelli company − itself operating under the Dec 26, 2017 · Tags: franchi affinity reviews franchi italy franchi over under franchi shotgun reviews franchi shotguns for sale franchi vs benelli luigi franchi revolver older franchi shotgun models Sam M Sam is an avid firearms enthusiast who loves sharing his knowledge and experience with fellow gunivores. Your marvelous old A-5 Browning was recoil operated, a system much closer to (but definitely not identical to) the Benelli system. I will use this gun about 80% clays and 20% upland hunting. Benelli inertia guns are a known quantity and although they are a bit proudly priced, they are backed by a good warranty and very good customer service. The Benelli recoil system uses a split bolt and a fixed barrel. I guess the SBE II vs A400 is splitting hairs but what is the difference between the Benelli SBE II and the Franchi Intensity? I know they are both made by Benelli and the Franchi is a little lighter. My son has a M2 Benelli its a pleasure to shot and eats up everything. The Remington won't go for much more than 100 shells without the need for a cleaning and the Benelli is too light and will kick the snot out of you and you can't use lighter shells as it won't cycle. It has not always been this way because most people do not know that Franchi was acutally around before Benelli. Benelli vs. They are made by Vursan in Turkey. GIRSAN MC 312. The Franchi also has a recoil pad where the Browning does not. Feb 14, 2009 · Beretta shotuns are all gas operated, Franchi's are mostly gas operated except for the newest I12, and Benelli and Stoeger are all inertia (recoil) operated. More punch from a lighter gun. Oh, and hundreds of more dollars for the Benelli, of course. The Benelli is a beautiful piece, and it's more expensive then the Franchi. I'd sell for 800. This handsome shotgun borrows heavily from the time proven designs of other models. I've heard a lot of folks getting torn between the Franchi Affinity and the  21 Feb 2020 Both the Benelli and the Franchi were made in Italy, and, not surprisingly, they are both owned by Beretta. Weatherby’s SA-08 also seems to garner good reviews. I prefer my Weatherby athena over/under for dove and quail. Jan 11, 2015 · I love my Benelli, and I just couldn't justify buying the Franchi at $100 less. Franchi Affinity Vs. As others have mentioned, the main differences are comfortech, action spring in the stock vs forearm, and generally a more polished gun. The former has a capacity of 3 rounds while the latter has a 4 round capacity. Nov 23, 2013 · If you want inertia and 3-1/2" capability I would recommend the Franchi Intensity. Franchi is known more for Long Recoil but, they currently have Gas and Inertia models as well. The barrel length of the former is 21 inch as compared to the 24 inch of the Factory-style Beretta/Benelli choke tubes fit most Beretta and Benelli shotguns with factory interchangeable chokes. Rem 1100 vs Rem 11/87 vs Benelli ? #4632213 11/25/10: Remington 11/87 Benelli M2 Franchi, and Beretta semi-autos. Top to bottom: a black synthetic Remington V3 that I had camo-dipped by Black Ice Coatings, the Fabarm L4S Initial Hunter, and the first of the three Retay Arms Masai Mara models I've tested. If this were a question about Benelli or Browning I would say the same as the Franchi or Browning debate. ) the Franchi I12, and the Stoeger M2000. And because of the Benelli's short-recoil mechanism, Buy Franchi Parts Factory replacement gun parts, accessories and gunsmithing service on most manufacturers including Browning, Winchester, FN America, Beretta, Benelli Franchi, Stoeger, Remington, Bushmaster, Marlin, Sig Sauer, HK and many more. With all that said, I really like the M2000. Check out our SHOT Show coverage. Franchi By Benelli Instinct SLX 12ga, 28" brand new! GI#: 101398993. I forgot what I was going to say. Mar 29, 2018 · For the price of a used Benelli the new franchi affinity does everything the m2 does plus a 7 year oem warranty. Beretta vs. Mar 26, 2018 · The Beretta A300 and the Stoeger M3000 / M3500. … Aug 28, 2017 · Beretta Silver Pigeon vs Browning 525 TGS Outdoors. The actions are pretty much identical. The parent company; Beretta Holding, also owns Beretta USA, Benelli since 1983, Franchi , SAKO , Stoeger , Tikka , Uberti , the Burris Optics company and a twenty per cent interest of the Browning arms company. Jan 14, 2008 · "What I’d like to have is a good comparison between the various Benelli models (M2, SBE, Cordoba, etc. Factory-style Beretta/Benelli choke tubes fit most Beretta and Benelli shotguns with factory interchangeable chokes. Enquire. Beretta bought Sako rifles & got Stoeger in the deal. High-Tech ergonomics make the gun comfortable to hold and easy to handle. Ultimately, benelli (the company) isn’t going to mind if you purchase the benelli or franchi as they are all owned by the same company, beretta. Franchi SxS Highlander & O/U SL series, No known interchange. I initially chose a Beretta 391 Extrema for my duck gun because it fit me great. The 2000 employs the functionality of the Benelli inertia system but does not have the fit and finish of the italian Benelli name. I have a franchi over and under and it is a little short but is extremely light and I enjoy using it for pheasants. Beretta is the worlds oldest gunmaker at 500 years. Sep 17, 2012 · It comes down to weather or not you are convinced that you are getting more with a Benelli-Benelli vs a Franchi with a Benelli action. Beretta A400 vs Franchi Affinity Pro vs Fabarm L4S Discutii despre arme lise, munitii, calibre, etc . Jan 08, 2011 · Winchester SX3 vs. Browningwhich Autoloader should I get? It's been a little while since I've posted, but I'm seeking your help again, valuable Reddit-er's. 10 Sep 2018 Beretta A400 Xtreme Plus Using Benelli's time-proven inertia operating system, the Ethos 28-gauge is perfect for the Franchi Instinct SL. Nov 23, 2013 · Beretta owns Benelli and Franchi and from what I have seen you get everything but the Benelli name for a lot less money. like Franchi) and was very reliable. They run around $400 and are well worth it. Producing the gun in Turkey and the finish work alone is enough to drastically reduce the price. Does a GMC do the job that much better than a Chevrolet? Yet some folks like to roll with a GMC Denali. The Franchi is similar to the M2 but not the same. The newest Instinct offered by Franchi is their Sporting model, developed with competitive trap and skeet shooters in mind. Same design as the Stoeger, but Benelli fit and finish. As one of their most expensive firearms, this Instinct also one of Franchi’s longest and heaviest shotguns. 650 constriction is extremely tight and is only to be Compra-Venta de escopetas de segunda mano franchi benelli. In fact, the Turkish manufacturer was busted by Beretta for making these knock-offs. Today Franchi is owned and manufactured in house by fellow Italian firearms manufacturer Pietro Beretta. The advantage of an inertia driven gun is the lesser number of moving parts. I have narrowed it down to the Beretta 391 or the Benelli montefeltro. A400 (Beretta): Poor. The Franchi Instinct Sporting comes with a polished stainless steel receiver, light touches of engraving and a nice walnut stock. It's got the weight, fit and feel you want. I would go for the Beretta or a Franchi Affinity. Page 1 im a Beretta Xtrema 2 man! go with the sx3. Sep 13, 2016 · Guns that have a lot of parts commonality but have parts not of the quality of Benelli, Stoeger, Franchi, Remington Versa Max, several other Turkish Knock offs. The equation is gun fit to shooter, weight of the gun, and ammunition (load) plus all the techie stuff, recoil system and forcing cone restriction. Their autos have been pretty solid for me - I have 3. While impressive for a Turkish gun, they are not the same quality as the Beretta. But if the A400 has more features and is a better gun, it might leap-frog the other two on my list. The Catalyst is designed for women, but it may be the ideal 12 gauge for many smaller framed shooters. This Benelli shotgun also has a rotating bolt-head. Most shops do lay-away if the money is tight. Briley Shotgun Magazine Extension 12 Gauge (FITS: Beretta Auto / Benelli Pump / Franchi 912 Variomax / Stoeger) Briley Shotgun Magazine Extension 12 Gauge (FITS: Beretta Auto / Benelli Pump / Franchi 912 Variomax / Stoeger) Briley Shotgun Magazine Extension 12 Gauge (FITS: Beretta Auto / Benelli Pump / Franchi 912 Variomax / Stoeger) Autoloading Shotguns Compared: Beretta, Benelli/Franchi, Mossberg, Browning/ Winchester, Fabarm/Caesar Guerini, Remington and Weatherby  It does lower the price by $300 - $400 as compared to the standard M2 Comfortech Made at the Benelli facility in Urbino, the newest Franchi Affinity 3 has a larger Still, for a Beretta family inertia gun, it is the best value currently available. A well-built inertia shotgun with a good trigger. Also, don’t forget that with the mobile choke system , you have rapid changing of pattern density and spread in seconds. Half the price of its Benelli brethren, the Affinity runs on the same slick inertia system devised in 1903 by Christer Sjörgen. Of the three, the Browning silver is the way to go for an all-around-gun. The Browning will be MUCH easier to get parts for in case it breaks. I think the Stoeger autos are made in Turkey & the o/u & sxs' are made in Brazil. Benelli Vinci vs. Jan 01, 2018 · Benelli M2. The Beretta Company now owns Benelli , Franchi, and Stoeger that are sold in the USA. Tallenna valinnat. Buck, I am interested in purchasing a semi-auto shotgun. Beretta is the parent company of both and by most indications you cannot go wrong buying any of the 3. So it is no real surprise that Franchi are using the same principle now. Benelli’s Nova Tactical is a 12-Gauge pump action shotgun that integrates a polymer stock and lightweight receiver into a single unit for unsurpassed strength and weather resistance. Multiple compartii intre arme, munitii pentru arme, tipuri de vanat, balistica, samd. franchi vs beretta vs benelli

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